IN-FLY srl was founded in May 2014 as the rental of the business unit of Korall srl - I.M.M.C. Snc. The rent includes the transfer of employees with thirty years experience (IMMC) and all the equipment listed below. After a profound restructuring and reorganization, during the year IN-FLY  Srl acquires the machinery and the business unit allowing it to be today perfectly autonomous. Our company, at this time, is mainly dedicated to the aerospace industry and it is specialized in the manufacture of various mechanical parts and assemblies on customer’s specifications by machining. For example we are historically (IMMC) manufacturers of pistons, bushings, valve bodies, valve, spring guide, nipple, rods, screw, fittings design on customer specific and still be able to build any particular design. The quality of the finished product is guaranteed and certified by the chain of our suppliers, materials (aluminum, steel, bronze, titanium), treatments (galvanic, thermal, etc.), Processes (rolling, grinding, hot pressing, etc.), not destructive testing (NDT, liquid penetrant, magnetic inspection, etc.) and destructive test (Metallographic controls).