Today the quality has become a fundamental requirement to excel in every field of application and face the challenges of a global market.

Accurate checks are performed in-house throughout every stage of the machining cycle:

  • Materials are sourced only from selected suppliers, who have been assessed and approved in accordance with purpose-designed procedures;
  • Upon their arrival at the facility, raw materials are identified and checked using appropriate methods in order to guarantee their conformity to the usage envisaged;
  • During the machining process, scrupulous dimensional checks are carried out at the frequencies envisaged by the control cycles drawn up for each individual part being processed.

These checks are carried out using cutting-edge instrumentation, which undergoes constant metrological verification operations.

To carry out checks on geometrically sophisticated parts, IN-FLY Srl owns several DEA 3d machines: a durometer, a microscope, various enlargement devices, profile projectors, a thickness gauge, smooth and threaded buffers, threaded rings, millesimal internal and external micrometers.


Machine for three-dimensional measurements


Roughness meter


For measuring the hardness of materials


Threading and Smooth Pads, Threading and Smooth Rings


Bench profile projector with horizontal optical system

All control equipments several manteined and calibrated at the deadline, as it reported on the quality manual, at external laboratories certified Accredia.

The quality of the finished product is guaranteed and certified by the chain of our suppliers, materials (aluminum, steel, bronze, titanium), treatments (galvanic, thermal, etc.), Processes (rolling, grinding, hot pressing, etc.), not destructive testing (NDT, liquid penetrant, magnetic inspection, etc.) and destructive test (Metallographic controls).

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